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Entry #1

Do I have...

2017-01-01 19:28:33 by Cagmaster

...any followers? Is somebody actually reading this?


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2017-01-01 19:45:23


Cagmaster responds:

oh, then i'm alone :(


2017-01-01 20:26:25

It sometimes depends on the time you post stuff,different time zones,you see or that other people are in the mood to look at posts or find someone to chat with.How was your New Year's Day?

Cagmaster responds:

Yeah I saw it, the "featured content" was something I didn't understand until I made this post.
And nice! I celebrated with my family only, and you?


2017-01-02 04:46:33

Same here,it's just too bad Santa wasn't part of it but thanks.


2017-01-03 16:37:40

Why did you remove Dream Eater? and where can i find it to play it..

(Updated ) Cagmaster responds:

I made some changes, reuploaded now


2017-01-03 19:38:24

you gonna reupload dream eater? i never got to play it :(

Cagmaster responds:

I just reuploaded it


2017-06-17 19:43:19

yeeaa hii